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Dear friends and family,

We are continuing this week with the last two marks of a short part of the end time, a time called "The Tribulation". Note not just a tribulation period, such as we might identify with in church history or even we have been through ourselves but "The Tribulation". A time very clearly and distinctly marked out by various unmistakable signs, our Lord Jesus, the prophets and the Apostle John give us. A comparatively short period of time just before the second coming of the Lord Jesus, characterized by Daniel the prophet as "a time times and half a time" (Daniel 12 vs 7 & vs 14), explained by the apostle John as 42 months (Revelation 11 vs 2 & 13 vs 5) or 1260 days (Revelation 11 vs 3 & 12 vs 6) which means, taking 30 days in a month, three and a half years.
All the unique events which are predicted to take place during this time point to this comparatively short time but which is of very distinct duration. A necessary restriction Jesus assures the elect - that is believers to whom this terrible suffering and persecution will apply. (Matthew 24 vs 22)
Jeremiah identifies it too as "the time of Jacob's trouble" (Jeremiah 30 vs 7) and our Lord as simply, a time of "great tribulation" such as the earth has not ever seen before until that time and will never see again. So it's absolutely unique in its distinctiveness and thankfully will be short and never repeated ever again - in fact it cannot be because it is terminated by the actual physical, personal return of the Lord Jesus himself, with his glorified church. (Matthew 24 vs 29, Revelation 19 vs 14 clearly identifies them as the church - resurrected, glorified believers in Revelation 19 vs 7 & 8 - i.e. they are clearly not angels accompanying him on his return at this time.) A sure and conclusive evidence that any other events or periods in the long and troubled past, as bad as they may have been for sure, must not be and cannot be interpreted as being "The Tribulation" - for if they had been our Lord himself would have had to have already returned at that time. Since he clearly has not, other terrible times of suffering cannot be interpreted as this time! eg It cannot be squeezed into the time of the destruction of the Temple in 70AD under the Roman Emperor Titus, or persecution under Hitler during the Holocaust, as bad as these events undoubtedly were, or any current day tyrant or another yet to come - cannot possibly be compared with this tribulation!
Have a listen then to the last two marks (4 & 5) of this time and next week we will put up the third. Do listen also to (1) & (2) if you haven't already as well, (i.e. our last posting) - the order you listen to them in does not matter as each of these marks of this time run alongside each other.
For your reference sake, to follow the whole three sermons on this topic, here is our outline:
1) Israel spearheads faithful remnant of believers.
2) Mass martyrdoms.
3) Unusual gospel proclamation.
4) Severe judgements.
5) Messianic deception
You can find these on our "Sermons" page of our web site (See menu top left of our home page) which we have given a new look to, to make the current series more easily locateable.
Yours in Him