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Dear friends and family,

This week we were blessed by a visit from a special guest speaker Tom McDonald and his family who hail from the Wirrell where Tom runs a small on line ministry. Tom has been in ministry in Northern Ireland in a small village called Ballybogey, County Antrim and came to us seeking the Lord's leading to minister with the FCE, so we are looking to the Lord for his guidance for us as a church and for the McDonald family. Please pray for us and do enjoy Tom's message he shared with us which I have uploaded to our sermons page. On that page its titled: "EnduretheraceHeb12v1&2" and challenges us to recognise the amazing fact that God has actually inspanned the likes of us, yes, even us, to compete in the marathon event of running the Christian race - not for a prize or any worldy aclaim but to be one day like Jesus. Wow! What a race! What a calling!

Needless to say we all feel totally inadequate and ill equiped but as we "train" ourselves in and under King Jesus who has gone ahead to complete the race himself in such a spectacular way, he is well able to carry us too over the finishing line to his glory and our great sense of joy and satisfaction, not just for time but on into eternity.

Have a listen, share and give feedback on that page - we would love to hear from you.

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Yours in Him,