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Pastor's Pen....

We have started a new series in Luke's gospel which I have edited and put up on our media page for you to listen to and keep up with us as we study this very down to earth gospel which has as its main theme the accessibility of the gopsel for all people. Luke is particuarly concerned to show that Jesus came to to seek and to save those who are lost - and are very well aware that they are lost. Mary herself when she first has the news broken to her that God is going to use her to bring the Saviour into the world rejoices in God her saviour. The Shepherds, Simeon and Anna all echo this realization with the personal application that he is come to be their Saviour.


Do have a listen and let us know if there are any questions come to mind or any points of clarification or if prayer is needed.


In our Calendar you will see we have a great event lined up for Easter which we hope other churches will join in to share with us and this years family Conference in May is in Fleetwood - our speaker will be Bishop Arthur Bentley Taylor. Again details are on the Calendar page.


I have also put out a request that the GriefShare course aimed at helping those struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one be offered to the community through a community based forum publication. We intend to run this for anyone wanting to explore a Christian approach to grief recovery - rather than mourners simply offering their own coping strategies and seeking to console one another with what they have found has helped. Please do refer friends or relatives to us that you may come across who may be in need of this help. You can look at their material on their web site:


We extend a warm welcome to all visitors to our regular services and of course to join us for these special events and activities,


Yours in His servie,