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Dear friends and family,

Small correction to last blog concerning our series on the second coming of the Lord Jesus: I said: "We are continuing this week with the last two marks of a short part of the end time, a time called "The Tribulation". Well it wasn't the last two - here are the last two. And it brings this aspect of the series to a glorious climax in so far as it assures believers that they will not be deceived by Satan's most convincing and desperate attempt to mimic the Lord Jesus and his Kingdom.

Great relief to know this. Have a listen to this climax to the Tribulation and take great comfort that none shall pluck you from his hand no matter how scary his threats may be or deceptive his promises.

Have a listen then to the last two marks (this time really the last two) and do listen also to (1) (2) (3) & (4) if you haven't already as well, (i.e. our last 2 postings) - the order you listen to them in does not matter as each of these marks of this time run alongside each other.

For your reference sake, to follow the whole three sermons on this topic, here is our outline:

1) Israel spearheads witness of the faithful remnant of believers.
2) Mass martyrdoms.
3) Unusual gospel proclamation.
4) Severe judgements.
5) Messianic deception
6) God glorified and his name finally vindicated.
You can find all these on our "Sermons" page of our web site (See menu top left of our home page). Once on that page go to the "Maranatha" series and scroll down to;
"The last two identifying marks of the Tribulation period".
Do share with friends and come back with our impressions, questions, comments.
Yours in Him